"I believe you will marvel, as I constantly do now, at just how much a doctor can learn in four years." — Robert T. Cochran, Jr. M.D.


The Effects and Treatments of Chronic Pain

Dr. Robert T. Cochran's Books for Pain Sufferers

As the sufferer well knows, chronic pain is a disease of often debilitating proportions. Its expressions take many forms, and its realities are felt by millions. Fibromyalgia alone affects 3 to 6 percent of the U.S. population according to the National Fibromyalgia Association. As a practicing physician for over forty years, specializing in chronic pain management, and a former co-director of the Pain Center at Centennial Hospital in Nashville, Dr. Cochran has treated thousands of patients who suffer from chronic pain. Many arrived in his office with little hope of a cure; they've exhausted every resource, seen countless specialists, and yet still never found an answer to their pain. In Understanding Chronic Pain and Curing Chronic Pain, Dr. Cochran writes with an honest and plain-spoken wisdom, telling the stories of the many chronic pain sufferers who have received treatment under his care throughout the years and showing that there are answers and there is hope.


Copies of Dr. Cochran's latest book, The Opiate Cure: Pain and the Bipolar Spectrum, are now available.

Dr. Cochran Interviews

Dr. Cochran

Stu Taylor WBNW Boston Massachusetts November 2011

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Hear Dr. Cochran speak on the SCTA Teleconference

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