The Opiate Cure Summarized – hope for those with Chronic Pain, PTSD, ADHD, OCD, Narcolepsy

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The Opiate Cure tells the stories of painful people whose mental illnesses were relieved when they were given opioids for their pain. This improbable outcome has occurred in those with bipolar depression and mania, attention deficit disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and narcolepsy. These several diseases are now linked together, constituting the bipolar spectrum. Linked also to bipolar spectrum is chronic pain in its many forms, including migraine. This book will clearly demonstrate that bipolar spectrum is uniquely responsive to opioid therapy. The Opiate Cure offers new insights and, more importantly, hope.

Critical Acclaim

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“I believe you will marvel, as I constantly do now, at just how much a doctor can learn in four years.”

–Dr. Robert T. Cochran, Jr. M.D.

In 2004, Dr. Cochran published Understanding Chronic Pain, a ground-breaking work exploring the links between pain, depression, childhood trauma, substance abuse and bipolar disease. Curing Chronic Pain, a companion to this work, demonstrates the advancements Cochran has made in successfully treating patients suffering from pain. In many cases, Cochran says, “miraculous cures have been achieved.”

Presented in a conversational, anecdotal format, this book examines the specific experiences of chronic pain patients under Cochran’s supervision. As a reader you will be struck by Cochran’s warmth, compassion, intellect and willingness to confront the complicated issues surrounding treatment. There is hope in Curing Chronic Pain.

Introduction From Dr. Cochran

Table of Contents

  1. How Did You Know What to Do?
  2. Pharmacy for Pain
  3. Pain in the Jaw
  4. Depression and Pain
  5. Demons and Pain
  6. Remembered Pain
  7. The Damaged Brain
  8. Pain Behavior
  9. Drugs of Abuse
  10. Why I Fail
  11. Analgesic Rebound
  12. Childhood Abuse
  13. The Bipolar Spectrum
  14. The Opiate Cure
  15. Anger and Pain
  16. Dreams and Pain


“Dr. Cochran draws innovatively from many areas of medicine to understand and provide effective treatment for the chronic pain patient.”

William M. Petrie M.D.

Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Vanderbilt Medical Center

“Readers will find in these stories of people suffering from chronic painful illnesses a compassionate and caring physician. Dr. Cochran, with years of experience and knowledge in clinical practice, explores beyond the usual and accepted treatments with remarkable results of healing.”

Raymond Waggoner Jr., M.D.

Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatry

“Dr. Cochran is literally at the end of the line for many people who suffer chronic pain… He is their last hope…. Those who are able to see Dr. Cochran are indeed fortunate, as this book illustrates so well. He is a doctor who listens. I hope this book sells out many times. It’s that good.”

Anthony Trabue, MD, FACOG


“I was near death when Dr. Cochran first saw me and now I am planning my wedding. He has had a drastic change in my life and I support all his work especially with opiates with mental health.”

Cassidy, who suffers lupus and bipolar disorder

Chronic pain, whether in the form of headache, fibromyalgia, backache, neuralgia, endometriosis, or countless other states of painfulness, affects millions. If you are one of them, spending your days in incessant pain and your nights in sleepless, hopeless despondency, then this book is for you. Robert T. Cochran Jr., MD uses his more than thirty years of experience among victims of chronic pain and the discoveries that came from those encounters to speak to those who suffer from this disease. This expanded second edition now includes a glossary, index, and up-to-date pharmaceutical list.

Introduction From Dr. Cochran

Table of Contents

  1. Failure to Recover
  2. What is Chronic Pain?
  3. Identifiers and Risk Factors
  4. Mind-Soul Disease
  5. Drugs for Pain
  6. Memory
  7. Triavil
  8. The Painful Brain
  9. Sexual Abuse
  10. Referred Pain
  11. Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy
  12. Kindling
  13. Substance Abuse
  14. Bipolarity
  15. Chronic Fatigue
  16. Migraine
  17. Neurogenic Inflammation
  18. Attention Deficit Disorder
  19. Summing Up

“Dr. Cochran’s book should be read by all physicians and given to all patients who suffer with chronic pain.”

Clifton K. Meador, MD

Executive Director/Meharry Vanderbilt Alliance

“The first chapter intrigued me, the second hooked me—the third scared me because it was as if he was following me, looking over my shoulder.”

William, who suffers the pain of nerve damage

“The most beneficial text in the pain literature…provides every patient with hope and compassion.”

Jimmy Hatfield, PhD


“As an advocate for chronic pain patients, Dr. Cochran presents an accurate account of the personal and painful struggles of his patients. This exceptional book will enlighten patients and health care practitioners.”

Sharon Ostalecki, PhD

author of The Complete Guide to Fibromyalgia: From Medical Experts and Patients

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! This book was written for me.”

Martha, who suffers chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia