chronic fatigue and vivid dreams

I have long believed that chronic fatigue and chronic pain were kindred diseases, perhaps reverse sides of the same coin. In my writings, I have explored the frequent occurrence of narcolepsy in people with chronic pain, including migraine. Sometimes this is full-blown, but unrecognized narcolepsy. More often it is some fragment of that disease, most importantly the vivid dreams known as hypnogogic hallucinations.

I suspect that hypnogogic hallucinations and other symptoms of narcolepsy may be rather common in people with chronic fatigue. My experience is limited thus far but I believe the idea just may pan out. If so, it will be interesting to observe the effects of stimulant therapy on both diseases. If any readers suffer chronic fatigue and also vivid, threatening dreams, I would like to hear from you

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RJ Posts: 26
Chronic pain, narcolepsy(vivid dreams) and OCD
Reply #19 on : Thu April 28, 2011, 07:24:12
My fiance has recently been diagnosed with narcolepsy. He has not be diagnosed with chronic pain or OCD. He is the most wonderful man in the world, however, this is hidden to the rest of the world because of the combination of these struggles listed above. He is currently seeing a doctor who is treating him for the narcolepsy by prescribing adderal. The adderal has helped with his EDS but has increased his aggitation levels. The doctor will mainly speak to me when we go in together for his appointment...he has a hard time communicating with K (my fiance) due to K's low tolerance for aggrivation. We have slightly mentioned some of our other concerns reguarding K's unusual amount of pain, anger issues, OCD, his vivid dreams, etc. The doctor sums it up to his Narcolepsy and offers very little advice or help in those areas. Out of fear of losing his prescription of Adderal which took forever to find something that works on his EDS we keep going to him. I would love to hear from you.....if the above email does not work since I am a teacher and this is my school email which blocks emails sometimes . I don't want to lose the man that I know that is there because of these conditions...please help!!!!!

Thank you
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D. Austin Posts: 26
fatigue and vivid dreams
Reply #18 on : Mon April 11, 2011, 08:38:17
i have always suffered from fatigue and vivid dreams, as far back as i can remember. often something in my dream will come to pass, maybe not in the same manner, but I'll see, hear, or do something that i dreamed about. i dream almost every night, and usually remember them pretty well.
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Jill Posts: 26
Vivid Dreams and Chronic Pain/Fatigue
Reply #17 on : Sat December 18, 2010, 13:42:59
I have suffered from chronic pain for 20 yrs. I also have a significant of sleep disturbances including vivid dreams. I often wake-up during or after a vivid dream and find it extremely difficult to switch from this dream state to reality. I definitely believe there is a connection between this interrupted sleep pattern(s) and chronic pain/fatigue.
Also, I do not have migraines. Mine is from an autoimmune disorder.
Tracy Posts: 26
CFS, vivid emotional dreams, sleep paralysis
Reply #16 on : Sun November 28, 2010, 09:34:54

I'm 22 and have had chronic fatigue syndrome for 10 years. I sleep about 10 hours a night and often have nightmares that are extremely vivid and emotionally disturbing. I often wake up from these dreams physically frozen. I am so tired all the time that it's ruining my life. Sleep study coming soon!
Brandon Posts: 26
chronic fatigue/vived threatning dreams
Reply #15 on : Mon September 20, 2010, 15:07:41
This describes me to a "t". I am exhausted every day and experience dreams every night where I am, at the least, in a troublesome situation or, at worst, witnessning murder, war, and any number of horrible situations. I have been through hell the passed 4 years trying to treat my sleep and exhaustion issues including surgery for sleep apnea which worked but did not help my sleep to psychiatric drugs which only seemed to make my problems worse.
robertcochran Posts: 6
Re: chronic fatigue and vivid dreams
Reply #14 on : Mon April 12, 2010, 09:30:50
Interesting. Vivid dreams are a common symptom of narcolepsy.... Also sleepiness,sleep paralysis and cataplexy (which is a sudden loss of muscle strength causing one to fall or drop things). I believe there is a close link between narco and migraine. I wonder if stimulant (Ritalin and others) therapy might arrest both vivid dreams and migraine. I've seen it happen many times. I have not to my best memory encountered a person who repetitively awoke from a vivid dream with a migraine.

Bob Cochran
robertcochran Posts: 6
Re: chronic fatigue and vivid dreams
Reply #13 on : Mon April 12, 2010, 05:26:16
me too!
misty Posts: 26
i have vivid dreams causing me to wake up with a terrible migraine
Reply #12 on : Fri April 09, 2010, 11:51:12
This happens atleast 4 times a week! I can't remember the dreams when I wake up, but I remember how they made me feel. And it seems I only get woken up with these horrible migraines when I have had these vivid real feeling dreams!
Jan Posts: 26
Reply #11 on : Wed April 07, 2010, 05:14:33
I work in home health care. I work approx 35 hours a week. I'm usually home by 3:00pm. I am so exhausted, but I cannot take a nap. Not even for 5 minutes. I am usually in bed by 8:00pm, and sleep until 5:00am. I've had dreams off and on all my life, but about 6 months ago they became worse. I dream every night. Most of them are violent, strange places, unknown people. I can wake up and use the restroom, than fall right back asleep and continue dreaming. Back in the early 90's I saw several internal medicine doctors, neurogolists, and even a physcristist. They went back and forth telling my I had chronic fatique, or maybe fibromyalgia, even Lou Ghreg's diesease. I do remember at that time chronic fatique was what they called a catch all (in other words if they could not find anything wrong with you) they told you it was chronic fatique. Nothing helped back than so I finally gave up. They also told me that I had hypothyroidism. I have been on thyroid medicine for over 20 years now. I do think they finally got the correct dosage for the thyroid about 10 years ago. But I still feel tired all the time, and now with the dreams I am really wondering what is going on. I wake up okay, not tired and ready to take on the world, but around 2:00pm every day it's all I can do to make it to 8:00pm just so I can go to sleep. But the dreams/nightmares are at the point where I really don't even want to go to sleep anymore.
THank you for your time.
Anonymous Posts: 26
Re: chronic fatigue and vivid dreams
Reply #10 on : Thu March 11, 2010, 14:15:48
Paula, dreams and fatigue probably linked. Need to know more. Sleep paralysis? falling spells or clumsiness? daytime sleepiness? distractibility and forgetfulness? depression or mood shifts? Suspect there is Rx for you. You can respond thru " contact us" on website and it will not be published. Best wishes Bob Cochran
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